The Abode

The Steam Powered Storyteller

Welcome to the Abode of the Steam Powered Storyteller

Who Am I?

A Dreamer,­ an Individual, a Virtual Explorer, a Bl­ogger, an ­Open Source Advocate and to boot an European.

Now also a Steam Powered Story Teller in ­the Making.

The Biography

This is a short biography of myself Andrew Turner, a.k.a. The Steam Powered Story Teller, to give you an idea who or what I am.

I am unremarkable man and geek for which live certainly did really start at forty and I have never looked back to the dark years before. I am growing into my dotage though with the aim of growing old disgracefully and irreverently.

Over past decades life has changed for me greatly I have found a partner for life who has introduced me to the pleasure of owning dogs especially Springier Spaniels. I have finally learnt to live with my depression and now my anxiety which has made life a lot easier in the end.

The biggest battle I had to fight is the battle with a tumour which I was diagnosed a few years ago. I am still currently fighting its return but at the moment everything is on course to beating it. It has had the largest and profound effect on my life as I now don’t live in the fear any more so I can finally start to live my life.

Finally the name The Steam Powered Story Teller comes from the fact that I recently discovered Steampunk and I have a passion for tabletop Role-Playing which for most of my adult life has kept me sane through the dark times. Role-Playing has always allowed me to keep my imagination and creatively exercised and active.

In summary I am a proud Dreamer and Idealist who looking forward to an old age full of new experiences and opportunities who still has to learn to let go of baggage of the dark years of my life.

I am also a traveller of fantasy, real and virtual worlds.

The Hub
[Social Networks]

For those of you who are brave enough to find out more about myself Andrew Turner, a.k.a. The Steam Powered Story Teller, just checkout my social network links below:






Second Life

The Aethernaut’s Halt
[Web Site/Discord Server]

The Aethernaut's Halt are on-line places where the friends of myself Andrew Turner, a.k.a. The Steam Powered Story Teller, can hangout and chat in a more secure environment.

There will be less politics from myself there and more personal stuff including pictures of our dogs, cats, home and journeys through Second Life.

To check out The Aethernaut's Halt just follow the links below:

The Aethernaut’s Halt (Discord Server)

The Aethernaut’s Halt (FB version)

The Mail
[Contact Details]

For those of you who want to contact myself Andrew Turner, a.k.a. The Steam Powered Story Teller directly just use either Discord id or the email address given below.

PLEASE NOTE: I will warn people I will not answer any emails to do with businesses, offers and the such as they will be soundly ignored and blocked!

Discord id: The Steam Powered Storyteller#1368

Email address: [email protected]

The Paradox Factory
[Web Sites/Discord Server]

The Paradox Factory is a group aimed at those role-players who want to play and run more storyteller based tabletop role-playing games including White Wolf's World of Darkness storytelling role-playing series of games both Classic and Modern.

The group itself will be based both On-Line (via Discord) and in and around Stafford in the United Kingdom.

Initially most of the games will be run by The Steam Powered Storyteller, a.k.a. Andrew Turner, though those who want to run their own games will be welcome.

Both experienced and new players are most welcome.

For those of you who are interested in finding out more about The Paradox Factory follow the links below:

Discord Server





Web Page

Radio Spectre
[IceCast Server]

Radio Spectre is my personal radio station which is set running every few while especially when I am travelling the virtual world Second Life.

The radio station itself plays a music from my own music collection which is a strange mixture of music ranging from Classic Rock, Steampunk to the likes of EBM and Industrial Music.

The radio itself is hosted on one of my servers at home using both IceCast and Mixxx to broadcast over the internet.

Radio Spectre

The Aethernaut’s Halt

The Aethernaut's Halt is the on-line scrapbook of The Steam Powered Storyteller which will contain their favourite, music, videos, miscellaneous pictures and things.

The scrapbook itself will be in no particular order and it will be added to as and when The Steam Powered Storyteller feels like it. It is meant to be encephalitic place best explored with with an open mind.

Currently people can make comments here but as the site develops that may change and selected users will be allowed to add to the scrapbook’s mix.

The Aethernaut’s Halt

The Aethernaut's Log

The Aethernaut's Log is a less formal journal of The Steam Powered Storyteller which will contain thier thoughts and comments about health, life, politics and role-playing.

Feel free to comment about the journal entries.

The Aethernaut’s Log